Welcome to Mavis Nail Art World

Here are some nail art tips and creative nail art gallery to share with you. Lets love our nails together! 

Hi, i'm Mavis. Welcome to my nailart world. As a lady,  beauty is a power to excite us. Everything has their beauty, but not everyone sees it. But, nailart, does. Our 10 little fingers and toes with beautiful nail art on it will pleasure us for whole day, sometimes. Just feel good about being beautiful, shine from head to toes. :) 

I love art since i was a kid. My hobby is draw, draw, draw, paint, paint, paint....! I could found my peaceful soul in any drawing or painting activities, including nailart, where nail meet art. :)

Lets come, relax, learn, and enjoy it together. Do it in your lovely home and from now on, you need not to go to nail salon to spend your hard earn money. Its simple, fun and not costly. You can draw any picture, any design based on your creativity. There are many nailart designs and methods to cheer up your nails and toes.

You could design your own nailart design to match your party dress colors. You could design your own design to any occasion or celebration, eg: Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Birthday etc.  

Everyone can do it. Trust me, you can do it, even if you are not a nail artist, so do i. Its all about practice make a perfect work. You may thinking of : "hmm.....i love to looking at the nailart on the internet, but doing myself is another thing. I may not able to do it." No, no, no, its very simple, lets us do it together step by step.  Even some nail designs seems to be so complicated, but actually with certain tools and techniques, you will found it so simple and fun.     

I am so exited to share with you some nailart tips and nailart design here. All the tips shared by me wont look super complicated, but you will found  the result is amazing. Lets us defining beauty with style together. Look good, Feel good. 

You are always welcomed to bookmark and walk into my website You might find some useful tips from here. If you have any question, feel free to ask, i couldn't guarantee that i will able to solve your problems 100%, but i will try my best to help! :)

I love to meet and make friend from the other side of the world, you can contact me here