Fun Nail Art

Lets check out these fun nail art, its so simple!

Design 1 - Fun Nail Art (Fan type brush) 

This design is very simple. The most important thing is, you must have a fan type nail art brush as per the below picture. Normally when you buy a set of nail art brushes, this type of fan brush will be included.

Step 1 : 

Firstly, apply base coat to your nails. Then, apply 2 layers of white color nail polishes. Let it dry for about 5 minutes for each layer application. 

Step 2, 3 & 4:

After that, apply your preferred nail polish colors on the nail art brush, follow by using the fan type brush to sweep on your nail.  You may use the cellophane tape to stick on your proximal & lateral nail fold to keep them free from polishes. Lets the nail polishes to dry for about 5 minutes, tear away the cellophane tape. 

Step 5:

Lastly, apply a layer of clear coat and lets it dry for about 5 minutes. We are done. Its so simple, nice and fun! Lets try out yourself by today! 

Design 2 - Fun Nail Art (Cutie bead) 

This nail art is very easy to make, is just you need to buy the micro bead.  In the market, you can easily found these micro beads with different colors. 

Step 1 : 

Apply base coat. Apply 1 layer of your preferred color as base color. Normally, clear color is the ideal colour as it will not make your micro bead become dirty. 

Step 2 & 3 : 

Before the base color polish drying, use a small spoon with the micros beads to pour on your nails. Repeat the pouring process until your nails area are full of beads. Do it on a piece of paper, so that you can reuse the beads which were fall down from your nail. Its help you to save cost :)

you can always mix the beads color to your preferred colors. You can also mix few colors bead in 1 nail to create the sense of colourful to your nails.

Step 4: 

Lastly, apply a layer of clear coat on the micro bead. This will helps to strengthen your bead and avoid the beads from falling down from your nails. Leave it dry for about 5 minutes. We are done. 

Its so simple and nice, is it? Lets do it, you will like it.