Manicure Nail Art

How to pamper yourself with the home style manicure nail art? Why spend more in nail salon? You can do it yourself, its so simple. 

A beautiful manicure nail art will make you looks and feels elegant and clean. How to do it?  Lets check it out : 

First of all, you shall prepare for the following tools for your manicure nail art

1) Nail polish remover

2) Nail clipper

3) Nail emery board

4) Nipper

5) Cuticle pusher

6) Callous/ Cuticle remover

7) Hand cream 

8) Base coat 

9) Nail colors polish

10) Clear top coat 

Do you feel like hassle to prepare all these tools? No worry, you can easily find them in any pharmacy or fashion accessories shops. Its not costly. All the tools can last for so long for your manicure and nail art creation :) 

Step 1 : Removal of your previous nail polish

The nail remover with vitamin E and wheat protein will help to strengthen those weak or thin nails. Pour some nail polish remover on the cotton pad, wipe off your nail polish. Sometimes, when you  found the nail polish is difficult to remove, say,  glitter polish, you can try to use a felt square to remove the polish. Just pour some nail remover on the felt and take off the polish as normal. No idea what is felt square? This is the felt square :) 

Step 2 : Cut / Shape your nails

Use the clipper and emery board to shape your nail into either slight rounded shape or square rounded edge shape.  

Step 3 : Soak away

Put your hands in warm water and with some face cleanser or shampoo to the water. Soaking the cuticle before trimming is important. Soak it for 3 minutes will do. 

Step 4 : Clear your nail cuticles

Apply some cuticles remover on to your nail. Then, use the cuticle pusher and nipper to clear the cuticles gently. 

Step 5 : Moisturize 

Pour some moisturizer on your palm and massage your hand and fingers. After that, use the cotton with nail polish remover to wipe off the moisturizer on the nail surface, because it will prevent the color nail polish to stick on it. Ensure there are no oil on the nail surface before polishing. 

Step 6 : Polish your nail  

Apply base coat to your nails. Followed by your preferred nail color polish. Applied 2 layers of the nail polishes to your nail generally is the best way. Please allow each layer to dry between coats.  Lastly, apply the top clear coat. Usually, i will use my little cute mini fan to dry them. It will expedite the drying process. 

Yeah, your home style nail art manicure is now completed.

If you feel your nail polish is boring, you can create any manicure nail art on your colored nail as you like. If you wish to draw something on your nail, left the top coat to be the last step.  If you wish to stick some stones on it, you shall do it after top coat. The sequence of top coat is depends on what kind of manicure nail art you are choosing.