Nail Art Designs

Let's check out the latest nail art designs and its so simply to do it at home. 

Nail art designs are part of the  "additional decorative accessories" in your fingers. With all the cool, cute, romance nail art designs in your fingers, it will always gain points to your beautiful feminine image. 

If you feel boring with your classic, typical nail colors, you can always add on some fun artwork to your nails. Stay with me and you may find your preferred nail art design to suit you no matter what mood you are in. You can easily do it right at home by just follow only a few steps. Lets your 10 little fingers with beautiful artwork on it to cheer up your day. Lets stay with me together. I just can't wait to share all the designs with you! I have a lot of simple nail art to share with you girls :P 

Before you start any kind of nail art works, the initial steps that you must do is manicure. How to do it? Lets check out this manicure nail art, its so simple. 

There are many type of nail art manicure. The most easy way is nail art stickers. You can choose your preferred stickers, based on theme or to suit any of your celebration, eg. Christmas, Halloween, etc . You can choose this kind of stickers for your Christmas celebration. 

There are few type of nail stickers. They are normal sticker, water transfer nail stickers, 3D sticker, etc. For the water transfer nail sticker, you have to dip the sticker into the water before transferring the sticker on to your nail. Personally i preferred water transfer stickers because the stickers are thinner and look nicer.  Sticker nail art is the fastest and the most convenient method. 

Below is the 3D sticker type:

Below is the water transfer nail sticker type:

Water transfer sticker type is my all time favorite as the stickers are so thin & fine and they are not easy to peeled-off. 

Other than sticker nail art, There are also some stone nail arts, dry flower nail arts, powder nail arts, gel nail arts, acrylic nail arts, hand painting nail arts etc. 

Below are the nail art stones type:                  

There are variety of nail art stones in the market. You can easily find them in any fashion accessories shop. 

Below are the dry flower nail art type:       

Well, if you are a beginner, lets start with the simple one, step by step, day by day, you will become your personal manicurist! Why spend more in nail salon? Just do it yourself from today onward.  I suggest you to start with these easy nail art first. Although its look simple, but its look attractive. Lets check out these easy nail art.