Learn Nail Art online

Want to learn some nail art online? Yes, you are at the right place. 

Design 1  - Tricolors nail art online: 

Step 1 : Apply base coat to your nail. 1 layer will do. After that, apply 2 layers of white color nail art polish. The first layer must be dried before applying the second layer of nail polish. Leave it dry for about 5 minutes. 

Step 2 : Choose your preferred polish nail colors, draw a straight and thick line to the center of your nail. I would recommend those sweet or striking colors to be applied, eg : yellow, pink, purple, blue, etc

Step 3 : After the nail polish at the center of the nails were dried for about five minutes, you could apply another colors by its sides. 

Step 4: Lastly, apply a layer of clear top coats. We have done! Its so simple and nice, is it?  Remember, you must be patient enough to wait for every layer of the colors to be dried before you apply for the next colors. This is to avoid the colors to be smear. These nail art online is very easy to learn, right? 

Design 2 - Striping tape nail art online : 

Step 1 : Well, the 1st step is to apply a layer of base coat. This is to  make your nail art stay lasting. Apply 1 layer of black color nail polish. Leave it dry for about five minutes. 

Step 2 & 3 : Cut and stick 5 pcs of striping tape to each your nails. The striping tape length must be longer then your nail when you stick the tape horizontally to your nails. Followed by applying 1 layer of your preferred nail polish color, eg :  yellow, white and pink. When you apply for these colors, you must be careful, so that the colors applied wont go beyond the striping tape lines. 

Step 4 : After all the colored nail polishes were fully dried, tear off the striping tape slowly. Lastly, apply a layer of clear top coat. Its not necessary that all your 10 fingers nail to be colored with the striping tape designed. You could mixed with some of the finger nails applied with only 1 type of nail polish color as per the above picture.  

Lets check out another nail art online as follows: 

Design 3 - Donuts nail art : 

haha...donuts! its sweet and cute...! Donuts, always is my best friend during tea time! :P

Step 1 : Apply 1 layer of base coat and leave it dry. Then, apply 2 layers of sweet pink color nail polishes. I would like to recommend hot pink color. Leave it dry for about 5 minutes.  

Step 2 : Use the detail nail art brush with white color, draw few short and straight lines. The distance of all lines shall be balance, followed by yellow colors lines as per shown in the above picture. 

Step 3 : Use the detail nail art brush with baby blue color, draw few short and straight lines.

Step 4 : Lastly, apply 1 layer of clear top coat after all colors were dried. Your nails are as sweet as donuts now, be careful, don't let people bite your sweet and lovely fingers! :P