Simple Nail Art Designs

You can do your own simple nail art designs at home anytime. 

Want to do some simple nail art designs by your own? Lets check out. I have some sharing with you. 

Want to have something easy but wild? :P

Design 1 : Pink Wild Leopard Simple Nail Art Designs

Step 1 : Well, you have to apply base coat first. Base coat always is our best friend to protect our nail from breaking easily. 

Apply 2 layers of white color nail polishes. You must always leave the 1st layer dried before applying the 2nd layer white color polish as it will made your painting look good and smooth.

Step 2 : Use your sweet pink color nail polish to draw some irregular shape on your nail after the white color nail polishes were dried. After that, use the detail nail art brush to dip into the black color nail polish, and draw the edge of the pink color irregular shape. To avoid my detail nail art brush to become dirty, i will always use the nail polish brush to apply the paint on the detail nail art pen before drawing. 

Step 3 :  Use the same detail nail art pen, dip into black color nail polish, draw some irregular shape or dots in between of the pink color irregular shape. 

Step 4 : Leave your nails dry for 10 minutes, then apply 1 layer of top coat. When you apply for the top coat, you shall not sweeping your brush for so many times on the art work. It will make your art work color smear. Just gently apply 1 time of the clear top coat on each of your nail will do. You are not necessary to do all of your 10 little finger nails with these same pattern designs. You can also apply pink color nail polishes to some of you nails by matching this pink leopard nail pattern. 

Its so simple, is it? :)

Design 2 : Simple Nail Art Designs

Step 1 : Don's forget, first layer always is the base coat. Base coat can make your nail color lasting. Choose your preferred nail polish colors, eg : pink, green, yellow, orange, baby blue, purple, etc. You are not necessary to have 10 different colors as you can always repeat the colors while mixing of the colors.  They will looks colorful too. Apply 2 layers of white nail color polish to 1/3 of your finger nail area. The balance 2/3 shall be applied with your preferred colors.  Leave them dry for about 5 minutes. 

Step 2 : Use the detail nail art brush, dip into black color nail polish, draw on the lines in between of the 2 different colors, with the pattern of zigzag. The zigzag pattern could always cover the line if the boundary line were not drawn straight enough :P

Step 3 : After leaving them dry for 10 minutes, apply 1 layer of clear top coat. We are done :) Simple, right?